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greetings, kindred spirits

I am very happy to find a community on Livejournal that doesnt consist of people posting pictures of themselves and explaining what transpired over their weekend. Of course I am a new member, and would like to extend my warmest greetings to my new friends lucky enough to not be living in the cultural wasteland known as america. I will share with the group an excerpt from a Michael Moynihan interview that I found poignant.

Q: A new musical paradigm seems to have been developing over the last few years - a steady growth of strength, willpower and pride, as opposed to music that glorifies weakness, humility and being a loser, like the self-indulgent grunge, "punk" etc. which has dominated the mainstream through the nineties. Do you think we will see these new themes continue to grow in strength and popularity?

A: When the population as a whole is exemplified by whining and endless extolling of victimization and lack of responsibility, I doubt they are suddenly going to embrace their antithesis. Still, there are growing numbers of sensible people who realize that there must be something more than what's typically spewed at them from the mainstream.

Q: In the same way, do you have any realistic hope for young people to turn their backs on television and the plastic postmodern "culture" that is pushed down our throats by all those effete, politically correct mainstream pundits and personalities? Any hope for a large-scale rediscovery of native spiritual tradition amongst Europeans in a world where people are told they are "nazis" if they show an interest in their ancestors' beliefs?

A: I don't think most people really want to turn their backs on things like television. People have simply reached a point where they don't care. If your only concerns are making money, buying your dream home, and having an exotic tropical vacation for 2 weeks out of the year, then why on earth would you turn back on these pettier daily diversions that accompany such a fate? If your only interests are sports teams composed of morons who chase inflated balls back and forth from one end of a patch of grass to the other in daily ritualized spectacles, or feel-good movies where you can collectively share an identical emotional response with every other twit in the theater, or reading the latest 600 page Stephen King formula novel you bought at the mall and digesting it like a Big Mac--if you are satisfied with all this, then why on earth would you care one whit for the cultural traditions you left behind?

A primitivist neo-pagan that doesn't want to throw everyones televisions away. What a gentleman.
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