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I think we should go to war

Today i`m in a mude to scream it out and don`t fucking gives a shit of what you all would think of this comment.
Why today cos its Friday and I think like this every fucking day but why not today?
Who has the right to tell me that i`m wrong or right, i`ve just said I think I have the right so fuck this fucking world who say we wrong of being so fucking racist.
I don`t agree on this thing saying should we or should we not go to war?
Well we should of bomb the cunt a long time ago, its not like they haven`t ask for it..
Ooh!! here is the comment where you all will say " they haven`t all ask for it" Well they have.
They think they are being smart with us because we haven`t done anything about the matter yet.
Trully its to many people in this fucking world so why not getting rid of some discusting colour skin who does not do any fucking good for this world anyway.
I don`t give a shit if none of you agree cos you won`t make it any different are you?
This is just so fucking sucks!!!!
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